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Archive for October, 2010

Print on fabric, some little bags

I was creating these little bags and then it hit me, what if I could make these custommade, what fun would that be?

I wantet to print on fabric, but it is quite expensive to order feks from spoonflower.  I did it once when i made pillows to my familiy. I have also orderd a mathprint that I have some plans with. Well I was discussing this with a friend of mine and she had found a blog where a girl  make her own label on the printer. This I had to try!! So i did and here are my result:

Iam quite happy with the result. This is black but was more brown. I tried with colors too but it bleed out in water over some time. Seems that black is the only colour that works.

Monkey dress

This dress I was very pleased with! Modified after a tskjorte in size 7 years. (EUR 116) Wish I got a little more wrinkle effect on the topedge of the sleeves, but I have to experience with my machinessettings more, it worked well with regular drag in line wrinkles. Maybe if I get more grip on my rufflern or the new gatherfooten to overlock . The gathering on the chest is with tape. This is going on the marked, but I love to take your order if you want one similar ;)

A green circelskirt

I went down to the sewing room one evening with plans to make something for Christmasmarket, but after some fumbling around in the pile of fabric it ended up with this summer skirt lol.
I had an old tablecloth from a fleamarket with a circular pattern. Perfect for a circle skirt… Tada

I loved how it turned out.

Fake Crocheted pillow.

It’s fun with pillows, you can vary the number of different techniques. here I have got hold of a crocheted tablecloth, put a fabric back anvoila a fancy Cristmas pillow:)


Yes it’s allowed to be inspiert without getting it:) I think it really resembles as a flabby Viking helmet. Made of fleece. Do I have to try several times? yes!


from a crafsterforum

My version:

Lover glovers

Made a pair. Now you can hold hands when it’s cold outside :)  I hope the lady who order this love them too. Made of  wool and polarfleece.

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