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Archive for December, 2011

Monstertruck shirt

Love this fabric from sydilla. Its blue monstertruck in isoli.  The pattern is form Ottobre 6/11. this is sixe 4 years but my son is 3 1/2. Little big in size but dosen’t matter, it look so nice :D The collar was a bit trouble of cousre, always, I hate to sew them but love them for the look.

Action picture of my son this time. Cute? :)

The bat sweater

Have a lot of this blue sky fabric. It looks like the sky and are a perfect “drawing” background. Size 3 years to my son weee. The bat sweater :)

Christmas party dress

HI, I’m not gone, but my work, my normal daytime work is taking all my time. Well I sit in front of a computer and construct steel to the oil industry.  Engineering is fun but here in north it is so cold and dark these two month before Christmas. So I sleep a lot after making dinner to children and so on. Days fly by. Daydreaming a lot when I drive or when I can’t sleep at night. Dream about my sewing machinery  and all the project I want to do but almost never have a chance to do.

Well this dress was on my project list for Autumn and I have been sewing on this 5 minute here, 15 min there in several weeks. And I think it is so far the most advanced project i have done. So a little bit proud :) The pattern are SS and so are all the fabric. Satin..yes its slippery!! bah..cursed a lot.

The first picture is from the SS (stoffogstil) catalog. This is the dress the way its supposed to to turn out.

Beware i don’t were any makeup, and the picture are taking before we are going to a Christmasparty at work the next day. Do you think I accomplished it?  The flower-fabric is a see-true fabric and was very difficult to hem, wasn’t pleased but turned out ok. Haha noticed my feet are kind of disappearing on the picture to. We have almost black floor, sorry ;) Anyway the dress fit so perfectly in size 36 eu. And now i have a really nice dress

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