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High street messenger bag

I was finally done with my bag. Pattern here. It is already in use and it is a perfect bag / pouch for me as a commuter. Here I have space for everything from blankets, book, umbrella, drinking, mobile, chocolate, ticket etc. Or a laptop as it is originally intended for in size. It is lined with heavysewin, very heavy, just because it’s a bag and the edges will not fall down so quickly. There is also a card in the bottom,  sewn in such as the recipe says. The problems along the way was to get sewn together bottom sides of the outer shell, the fabric was canvas. It was a little thick in the corners and I had to pop up a few times and then there would be holes in the corners. Anyway, I’m very happy and many old ladies comment on the cute boy in the picture:) Such images can be purchased from or made with a transfer paper. Finally, the entire bag is sprayed with impregnationspray

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