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Tablerunner – Christmas

This is a contribution to a contest and I love the colors.  I’ts the same as I used in the calender . I got inspired from this tutorial site. Learned a lot from this very american ladies though. So now I can quilt too, or at least a little bit.

Christmas Calender

Finally it is on my wall. It has been there since the 3’d, 3 days over but my little boy got 3 lego’s(I have put legotoys inside) that day complimented by a big smile. Well it took me a little more time then foreseen and i got a little supermomstressed. I got tierd of triangles but loved the fabric. The fabric is bought from this lovely store at etsy. Leftovers will be used for my next project, a table runner.

The triangelbags are made by sewing two 60 degrees triangles together and sew 1/3 up on 3 sides.  Pin and sew the tops down and pull a ribbon through and woila you have a triangelbag. Just repeat it 23 times.. :P The tree have 3 “branches” that lay over eachother from top and down, its a little hard to see with this fabric tough.

This calender is for me too because I can look at the gorgeous fabric every day to Christmas :)

Christmas dress

I’am quite proud of this dress. I made a pattern all by my self so this is all my work :) But I don’t have a 4year old to test the fit so I hope it does. Red and white fleece in very high quality and i love it. Raglansleeves make this easy to sew together! i don’t like heart so much but now I had to make one. Cut a heart out were you want it ( I know, scary) sew around with smal zigzag. Then i used adhesive spray and glued on tearaway and a layer of fleece, just around the edge of the heart. Sew around the heart and remove the paper and woila.

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