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Posts Tagged ‘pillow’

Retro pillow

In a retro-mood this weekend. This pillow is made from a old tablecloth, added lace and piping. I hope you enjoy the fresh colors!

Romantically bench reminder

My hall isen’t so cosy that I want it to be so theeen I found some old curtainsscrap and a red starscrap and made it cosy and romantically . Never been a fan of hearts everbody makes this days. The pillows are printed with textile color and it says in Norwegian:

Women need:
1. Caring
2. Understanding
3. Respect
4. Devotion
5. Valuation
6. Security

Men need
1. Confidence
2. Approval
3. Appreciation
4. Admiration
5. Recognition
6. Encouragement

It is a mars and venus thing but I think it is worth considering in any relationship!

Both the pillow and madras-cover have envelope-closing so it’s washable, little children and dirty housband want to use this to sit in when they get dressed for outside. The bench is really a bed for babies to strap on the adult-bed. But lives on as a hallway-bench now. Until next baby, but that is years into the future!

Fake Crocheted pillow.

It’s fun with pillows, you can vary the number of different techniques. here I have got hold of a crocheted tablecloth, put a fabric back anvoila a fancy Cristmas pillow:)


This was this year’s Christmas present for my mum and mother in law. One set each. Heating Pad filled with corn that can be heated in the micro with a glass of water and then lay it over the neck or other muscle pains. Very easy to make, outer layer made like a cushion so that it can be removed and washed. The cushion has the same picture as the messenger bag, since it is 4 x pictures in the fabric I ordered. Around it I used Ikea cotton fabric. Messed around to get the measurment right to a 40 inner pillow.

Star pillow

This pillow I made from this recipe . I recomend you to use 3 diffrent colours its easy to get confused  on the way. A funny pillow were all the pices is a square pice and you hafe to be carefol when you sew it toghether and make sure all are in the same size.  I made 20×20 cm. Fabric:  Cotton

Nursing pillow

Its close to duedate and then I have to have an nursingpillow of course. Well I thought it was pretty simple to make, a halfmoon right? Well I had a old one i didn’t like. I cut i open and the little balls(whats the name? isopor) was all over the place! The one that I made was supposed to be big and comfy, it did get comfy but much more narrow than a old one duh! Well well I came up with the ide to make some extras, so 2 more pillows had to go under the sewingmachine. On one of them I machinesew a little monster just to try but it took forever not again :P And I get good practice in wrinkleseam with my overlock. I used it as decor around the nursing pillow. The small ones are good as nursingpillow in nighttime to get the baby high up to my breast(b – cup lol)

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