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Green crochet skirt to mom

Last summer I started this skirt.(finished this summer shh) And it was so lovely to wear. The yarn was bought at a cheap shop for about 5 $/ piece. The pattern was very easy to follow, but mine was a bit tight so I should probably have crocheted with a larger hook size.

With a crocheted skirt you’d need a petticoat and since I go could not bear to sew myself  I bought two skirts from a skilled lady on etsy named Myolygirl that sew them. My crochet skirt was much shorter but since I wanted it to go below the knees I kept on for a some extra rounds. I invented the edge myself and it is not as described in the pattern. Pattern can be found here: Jolimar skirt


From the patternsite:

I think it turns out just fine!


Been a while sins my last post, but I got a new job, that I love by the way. Not so much time to sew but 5 minutes here and there and 2-3 hours. Sewing is my big THING so I always make room for it! This skirt have all of the little timesaving’s. The fabric is a big scrap I got from a nice lady who came to my doorstep. the crochet edge and flowers are done on the ferry(Have to take a ferry to work so I just learned to crochet too!)  I love to learn new thing and some of the best tip I found was how to sew a invisible zipper with a normal foot and how to fully line it. The skirt is a little to big in the waist for me so I think I sell it. Think I was bigger haha :P


Hell bunny skirt

This is a redesign of a skirt Ive got from my little sister. She is by the way a very talented photograph and she go on a school in oslo to bee one. Check out her website here.   I gathered the waistline to fit a child and used the rib all over again. Originally this was a skirt with many layers but I think this is much nicer. Fits a little girl at 10 years.

A more advanced circleskirt

A normal circle skirt is made of the circle and some rib. I have made it little more advanced and made to  two circles. The top circle is slightly smaller than the lower. Slightly transparent elastic in 4 locations and around the little skirt I sewed on cords with three-step zigzag. And I have been gathering with my serger for the first time, it was so fun and so quick.

Princess skirt

This one i made for the cute little 3 yearold princess. For the market too. I loved to be very girly with this, fun fun fun! :)

A green circelskirt

I went down to the sewing room one evening with plans to make something for Christmasmarket, but after some fumbling around in the pile of fabric it ended up with this summer skirt lol.
I had an old tablecloth from a fleamarket with a circular pattern. Perfect for a circle skirt… Tada

I loved how it turned out.

Orange dream skirt

I have been working on this pattern on half circle skirt. This is made from a 70 duvet cover, inside it have lining in soft cotton, ribknit around belly for optimal fit and comfort.
Size: 5-6 years(US 4),( EUR116). Max hip width  64cm. Lenght 50 cm. This will be for sale in my store :)

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