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This website and blog are written in English, but Iam Norwegian. Its not always I find the right word or sentences, so feel free to correct me! Leave a comment an I will be happy to check out your blog :)
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Linea train outfit

I enjoyed to make this set with a sweater and pants. Fabric from cheto interlock. The pattern for the pants is from this website. I made it in size 98, and they are barely to big but better then to small though . And I had to make a matching sweater. Next time the neck-rib and waist-rib more thigh. I find it differcult to measure out the rib for wrists and ankles, any tip when I don’t have a human to measure? The applique on front and butt is the famous Linea from the early children’s tv that I used to love :)

Outdoor suit

Here is my finished suit, or it needs to be impregnated. The fabric I used on this one is the same i used on his kindergarten bag so they actually match hehe. Inside of the pants it is a layer of PUL fabrics as interfacing so its more waterproof.  The pattern i used is a old one i found among my grandmothers sewingstuff, so it,s a ittle retro. The helmet/cap was too big so i had to use some elastics in front, but it works :)

Fabric: Ikea, heavy cotton, lining; stoffogstil quilted lining
Pattern: McCalls

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