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Posts Tagged ‘sweater’

The bat sweater

Have a lot of this blue sky fabric. It looks like the sky and are a perfect “drawing” background. Size 3 years to my son weee. The bat sweater :)

Sweater with apes

What girl or boy wouldn’t like apes? combined with yellow it makes a nice and colorful sweater.

The sky is your limit

I love this fabric and when my producer sold it out I bought the last 3 meters jihaa :) This sweater are made from this soft skyfabric and white rib. Size 12 years.


Truck sweater

Tuuuuutt tuut. I want to celebrate my new labels witch this colorful sweater. Nice orange sky behind a nice silouett of a truck. All my clothes are in nice colors and have a kind of theme. There is not much out there for boys in the age of 5-7. The stores have all the black and boring greys with Disney’s cars and sculls…Only one as usual. The labels are from worldwidelabels and I absolutely recommend them. They did a nice job and communicated with me several times to get it perfect. On the backside it says: I’m handmade with <3 in the precious small hours between work and night. Please take good care of me!


Yellow flower sweater

Yes on the go here. This time a girly one. The flowers are printed on and the fabric is all rib except the arms in interlock. The brown sky fits the yellow so nicely. I love a clear color contrast.

Elephant sweater

I had some fabric that I did not know how to use. Changed my mind several times and put it back. but then I got the idea of ​​an African team. And the fabric suited very well as starry sky in the red sunset. I appliqued a big elephant in front and halfway back. A cord turned into a tail a cord. Fabric I’ve used is fleece and velvet. A good, warm sweater for cold kindergarten day


Linea train outfit

I enjoyed to make this set with a sweater and pants. Fabric from cheto interlock. The pattern for the pants is from this website. I made it in size 98, and they are barely to big but better then to small though . And I had to make a matching sweater. Next time the neck-rib and waist-rib more thigh. I find it differcult to measure out the rib for wrists and ankles, any tip when I don’t have a human to measure? The applique on front and butt is the famous Linea from the early children’s tv that I used to love :)

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