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Archive for September, 2010

Waiting for something good

It has not been much time to sew the last week. The reason is that we have plans to build an extra floor to the house and I have taken on me the task to draw in a that  in 3D. I use the program Inventor and it’s really fun, but it leads to a bunch of discussions  with my husband about how it should be … stubborn as I am baahh… I’am a designer hrmf..

Along comes the new kitchen on Monday from IKEA and we will install it ourself, it means that there will be no time in front of the sewingmachine the following week either : (

Well happily married with two children, the 2 hours I have each evening is spent drawing and screw up the kitchen. But I have a very good idea for a garment that mills around up in my brain and I can hardly wait to try it out!

First market/tradeshow

Well, my first very local tradeshow. It was ok, and I sold 2-3 product ‘s.

Handed out some businesscards and talked to lots of people in the area where we live. Always nice to get to know them and show that I exist. Were you in the market, I would like to hear your honest opinion about what you think, what you want to buy? Is there anything you miss to your children that I might try to sew? Leave a comment here:) (gjerne på norsk)
I decided three days ago that I wanted to come on this, so I was not prepared enough , but at least have several sizes available, and either hang up a bit instead  is everything  thrown around on  a small table.

Dottetidott – Pants

These one was a real pleasure to make. Modifying the pattern so it fits woven fabric. Easy cotton on back and ikea dots in front. All my machines have been used, trippel cover in sides feks :) First time i use buttonelastic instead of rib to and that was diffrent and more work. Will be in my store if i don’t sell it on the marked saturday. Size EUR 98

3 more wrap around onesie

Three more, i got buttons so now are these finish to. All are for sale in my store ;)

Wrap around onesie / body

Here are some of my body’s size 62 (1-3 month) All made from JNY textile. It took forever with all the buttons but, 8 on each puh! thank god I have the Prym kelp. I have made 3 more but I have no buttons left. I ordered some more from bibbi in Sweden. Cheaper than here in Norway and not so easy to find on ebay, but iam looking for the smal ones 7mm buttons, the 10 mm are little to big for babywear though. I absolutely love these fabric, very hi quality!

All of these will be for sale in my store soon :) Only one of each!

Square fabric case

What is the real English name on these one, can’t figured it out. Fun to make! A Inside of laminated tablecloth for protection agents spill. A lot of diffrent use on these. Penal or toilet bag.

Mei Tai Monster

This was fun to make, you can use it on both sides, a little heart seams. Lined with thick fleece in the straps and linen in the middle to make it stronger and hold more. This is a little bigger then my last one.  I have tested it on my 2 year old with no problem. The straps are 2,5 m and made of babycord. Monsterfabric is cotton.

Do you want one? I make it for 1000 NOK / 163 USD

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