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Summer..It’s raining and why I don’t sew at this time :P

Not so much sewing latly but I really want to though! My 2-year old son have vacation from kindergarten all July and my housband have summervacation(He is bulding a porch patio in front of our house). Not so much time to sneak out and sew ahh :P Well well In the mean time I code my store (I can use a pc and wath the children somtimes) I have download zencart and are going to pull my hair out soon hehe. It so much to understand! But I think I work out the shipping (oh my good so much zones to send to), the payment(paypal and visa). The design was the fun part! I was thinking about selling at etsy but this is a american marked and I don’t think I can competie in that “sorry” cheap price-range. I will of curse sell to US. We have a corresponding website here in Norway, called but it’s a little fun to try myself and I hope to get enough traffic via this blog and commercial. So I hope You, my dear reader will buy my stuff :) well if I figure out this codething in zen though. In the meantime, I found this awesome website register. Lots and lots of fabric stores. If you are a fabric junkie like me you are going in at your own risk ;)

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