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This website and blog are written in English, but Iam Norwegian. Its not always I find the right word or sentences, so feel free to correct me! Leave a comment an I will be happy to check out your blog :)
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Market showoff :)

Some pictures from the market the last 3 days. behind me was the elevator and it did get a little annoying after a while. Sold some lovegloves and hats. Did get some few orders to. thanks to all of you who was there!


First market/tradeshow

Well, my first very local tradeshow. It was ok, and I sold 2-3 product ‘s.

Handed out some businesscards and talked to lots of people in the area where we live. Always nice to get to know them and show that I exist. Were you in the market, I would like to hear your honest opinion about what you think, what you want to buy? Is there anything you miss to your children that I might try to sew? Leave a comment here:) (gjerne på norsk)
I decided three days ago that I wanted to come on this, so I was not prepared enough , but at least have several sizes available, and either hang up a bit instead  is everything  thrown around on  a small table.
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